I am Chris van der Beek, founder of VANDERBEEK Solutions, a company started in 2022. The adventure of entrepreneurship is always inspiring, and I enthusiastically embarked on this journey.
My professional background includes many years of diverse experience in a variety of industries. My first step into the world of work was as a young lad in the hospitality industry, in the year 1985. For many years, I enjoyed working in a dynamic and close-knit team, where we achieved great team achievements every time.

In 1992, I joined my parents’ business, an installation company with a store in Woudrichem. Here I gained valuable experience in various installation work, managed by my father, while my mother managed the store and customer planning. After graduating from MAVO and MTS Electrical Engineering, I spent my spare hours obtaining all the certifications necessary to eventually take over my father’s business, including the entrepreneurial degree required at the time.
Although my path took an unexpected turn when my father contracted acute leukemia in 1996, I am grateful for the valuable experiences I gained during my time as a technical specialist at a wholesale company in load restraint and load lifting products. The loss of my father in 2008 was a tragic turning point, but his struggle and determination remain an inspiration to me.

In parallel with my professional development, I also volunteered at the local fire department, where I served for more than 30 years, from fire watch to commanding officer. In 2023, I retired from this position to devote more time to my business and my partner Ingrid, whose support and love motivate me in my personal and professional life.
My time as a marketing and sales manager at a wholesale company and later as a procurement manager at an IT company further enriched my knowledge and skills. I was involved in purchasing, logistics, production, product development, IT management and marketing. In 2020, I made the move to Frigo in Breda, where I was given the challenging task of leading and supporting the IT department during a period of rapid growth and technological advancement.

With a gradual transition, I am now active as an entrepreneur and also still work several days a week at Frigo, using my expertise to help both my own company and the company I work for thrive. I look forward to serving you and addressing your business challenges with my extensive experience and dedication.

Chris van der Beek

Owner, VANDERBEEK Solutions